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Adult Fiction book descriptions, front-cover pictures, and links on  Kindle and book format with some books also available in large-print.

Those Deep Below 

(SciFi Thriller with strong woman character)

by John W. Noyes

Fast moving, page-turner sci-fi thriller! Twists and turns of the story will keep you wondering what will happen next!  A terrifying adventure in a world based on the Inca Empire.  Rezi was a relatively unimportant member of the King's household until her unique talent for singing was discovered and she was made a personal attendant to the King.  As her friendship with the King grows, rumors begin to circulate comparing her to legendary Nightingale for her ability to soothe the King's troubled heart through song.  Not everyone is pleased by the comparison, especially the King's wife, Queen Qhush'qunca.  The Queen is a ruthless and sadistic person who jealously guards her status as the first wife to the King.  Threatened by Rezi's friendship to her husband, Qhush'qunca decides to take revenge on the girl.  However, when the King unexpectedly dies, both Rezi and the Queen are buried alive with the rest of the household in the dead King's massive tomb.  Trapped together underground, Qhush'quenca takes her revenge by repeatedly torturing Rezi and binding them together through an arcane ritual.  Desperate to escape both the Queen's wrath and the Tomb, Rezi must turn to the other denizens trapped with her, including the misshapen priests of the Cults of the Condor and the Winged Serpent.  But, can there be any trust between those below? Well placed twists and turns to this adventure will have you practically jumping out of your seat cheering Rezi on!  (This book would make an awesome movie for cable or theatres!

Go to and click on the link and then select book format or Kindle:

An Unexpected Eye Witness by Janet Siegel

When the police realize that Janet witnessed a kidnapping that they think is related to a murder of an undercover agent, they show up at her work, whisk her away to the FBI for questioning, and then into hiding in the Witness Protection Program. Descriptive writing makes you feel like you are there. Unexpected twists and subtle use of humor. Set in NYC in the 1950s.

Note from the Publisher:  Janet Siegel published her first book when she was in her mid-80s which proves that it's never to old to check something off of your Bucket List!

Amazon link to Janet's book:


 ***Note to Reader***

The remaining adult-fiction books, that are listed below, are lesbian-themed books.  Sue-Anne has published 11 lesbian books.     

Forgotten Love by Sue-Anne

 This is a page turner; you just want to read what happens next in the lives of Rusty and Donna.  As you read their love story, you’ll feel like you are part of their “family of choice”. 

Dementia doesn’t care if you are a lesbian, gay, or straight.   It doesn’t care what your race is or how much money you make. It’s more common than you think.   I know three lesbian couples who are going through the journey of dementia together. 

This is a love story; actually two love stories.   Part 1 of the book is Rusty and Donna's life together starting with the comical way they got together.  It goes through the excitement of a new and maturing relationship as well as the trials of normal living—PMS, menopause, unaccepting family, friendship, marriage, and work. It shows the highs and lows every relationship experiences and how they dealt with it. 

Part 2 picks up in their 60s when they are thinking about retirement, traveling, and volunteering. But their life hits a landmine that they didn’t see coming; dementia. 

When a friend asks Rusty how she is doing being a caretaker, Rusty quickly educates them that she is not just a caretaker; Donna is still her wife and lover; she just has to take on more responsibilities.   When my Editor, Susan Rheingruber, was just editing Part 1, she said she couldn’t wait to see what happened in Part 2. 

Yes, love can last forever… 

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Forgotten Love":


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Sally Sexton Hates Christmas by Sue-Anne

Sally Sexton hates Christmas. The fake cheerfulness. The Christmas songs. The materialism. Eggnog. Pink fake trees. Twinkling lights. Outdoor decorations with a manger scene next to a painted plywood Santa. Acting like you love your relatives who you can’t stand and can barely tolerate. Broken dreams. Sally admits that she is a lesbian grinch. Instead of fake smiles and cheer, she wants to snarl at people. All Sally wants to do was to survive the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. She wants no holiday cheer. No songs. No drama. No pain. No memories. 

What would make a lesbian give up a seven-figure income to become a handywoman in a small town? 

Alice, a straight widow, makes an appointment with Sally.  It's a logical assumption for Sally to think that Alice wants to hire her.  Oh, no...  Alice is up to something and it has to do with her lesbian injured granddaughter who is retiring from the Army and coming to live with Alice for a while. 

Sally’s world is about to be turned upside down when she's pressured to hire a disabled female vet who loves to sing and hum Christmas songs.  

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Sally Sexton Hates Christmas":


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Granny's Wish by Sue-Anne

Granny is a hoot!  You'll love her--if you aren't Sarah...  A heartwarming and comical lesbian light-reading romance. 

When Granny proposes something to Sarah, that is so outrageous, what does Sarah do?  What would you do?  What part does Marge & Lisa, an Army vet, Poopsey (Sarah's cat), purple hair, the baseball team, and Shirley have to do with Granny's plan--if any?  Is Shirley really the villain in this story?

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Granny's Wish":


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The Lezzie at the Old Folks' Home by Sue-Anne

Meet Gloria an 83 year old out lesbian.  She falls and her straight nephew gets her moved into an “old folks' home.”  If you think there is drama with young lesbians, you haven’t seen anything yet…  Gloria’s main dining companions are a straight woman and a Queen and let’s just say that mealtimes are interesting.

Quote from this short-story book:   After Mary died, I bought me a vibrator.  A woman has needs, you know.  Now I have a vibrator that takes me from zero to happy.  It used to be around three minutes, but more often than not I fall asleep and take a quick nap, wake up, and finish the job. Laughing, I thought to myself, “Back then a quickie meant sex; now it means a nap.”

This book should have you laughing out loud--several time in fact!  This is a quick-read short story that should only take you 30 minutes or so to read.   Once you read the book, you'll be able to see the potentiel to have these characters on cable tv as a comedy series!

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "The Lezzie at the Old Folks' Home":

Kindle and Regular Print Book:


Large-print format:

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Running Away From Love by Sue-Anne

Alexandria had run away from her abusive husband.   She faked a kidnapping to try and give her some extra time to get into hiding before he found her—and killed her.   Marge and Lisa help Alexandria who assumes the runaway name of Frankie.  With Frederick closing in on Alexandria, Marge and Lisa whisk her up to their cabin where they know Frederick won’t find her.  The problem is that Aggie is there recovering and the last thing that she wants to do is to babysit a straight rich married woman.  Escape for a few hours as you smile, laugh, and you might even try to talk some sense into Aggie yourself! 

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Running Away From Love":


You can also search under Books:  Sue-Anne lesbian.


Project 918 by Sue-Anne

 A lesbian reality TV show!  Would you participate in a lesbian reality show?  

Thousands of women apply for one of 12 spots for a lesbian reality show.  It's whittled down to 100 women and then on the day that the women report for the show, all are eliminated except for 12 women from a variety of backgrounds.  

Meet the contestants:  Willow Burke is married; her wife was eliminated from the show.  Ellie Dotson is an Instructor for Zero Cost Degree Program and has never been on a boat.  Naomi Hancock is a fishing guide but hates to fish.  Alison Rogers’ perfect date is skinny dipping and then having a picnic.  Meaghan Sherwin is a widow who was married the first week it was legal in Minnesota.  Olivia Wells wants to learn how to pole dance.  Robyn Ashley is a postal employee who hates liver.  Red Black wants to go on a lesbian cruise.  MJ Martin loves Frisbee golf and wants to build a tiny house.  Cindy Montgomery owns her own landscaping business.  Jennifer Stevens’ perfect date is a picnic on the beach watching the sunset together.  Emily Young wears dresses and once rode a tandem bike and screamed the entire time. The show is filmed on an Island with a Mansion on it.  

The women compete for rewards (cash and other prizes) and try not to be eliminated.  For each reward, the women can either win cash for just themselves or for their team.  Even when eliminated, the women can still earn team rewards and cash.  

You'll find out why the competition is called "Project 918," too!

You'll smile as some of the women are shocked when they are actually able to complete a challenge. Challenges area fun; challenges that I--and I'm sure many of you would love to participate in! 

Teaser: Expect to have a good time as you go through the challenges with the women from the comfort of your recliner...  The women are trying to win the Grand Prize of $50,000!  Have fun with the contestants as they try to win several challenges.  Lots of laughs--as well as drama.

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Project 918":


You can also search under Books:  Sue-Anne lesbian.


Sam's First Love by Sue-Anne

I was born and raised between Fargo, ND and nowhere.   A lot of people were leaving the county and I swore to myself that as soon as I graduated from high school I would be one of them.  I kept that promise.  The day after graduation I rode my motorcycle east into Minnesota.  People thought I was a lesbian because of my motorcycle and the clothes I wore.  I didn’t tell them that this was just normal everyday farming work clothes. 

I worked for lesbians and hung around with lesbians.  I felt like a fraud that was about to be exposed and I didn’t have a clue how I was going to get out of this one.   It’s all Lyn’s fault.  She started to pursue me and at the auction I only glanced at her about 14 dozen times...

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Sam's First Love":


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I Double Dare You by Sue-Anne

Meg doesn’t want to be a doormat like her mother was so she never stays the entire night.   On a dare she seduces Mary, starts to have feelings, freaks out, and runs to Minnesota where Mary follows her—in disguise.  When they meet again, what happens?  What is this double dare?  We know that new love can be exciting, yet scary.

Available as Kindle or in book format on   Also large-print.

Regular print Amazon link to "I Double Dare You!":


Kindle and Regular Print (5th Anniversary Edition is a different cover):

Large Print: 

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Love Was Right Before My Eyes by Sue-Anne

Mary broke off her relationship when she was cheated on.  Now the other woman realizes that she screwed up royally and wants Mary back and she practically begs Lisa to help her.  In different vehicles the two women are  dropped off at a cabin, with no transportation, for the long Thanksgiving weekend and Mary is side blinded by these turn of events.    What happens to the two women?  Who does Mary ride home with?   Who is Barbara?  Can Sal hide her crush on Mary?  

Available as Kindle or in book format on   Also large-print.

Regular print Amazon link to "Love Was Right Before My Eyes":


Kindle and Large Print Book Links:

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Should I Give Love Another Chance by Sue-Anne

Have you ever been in love and the relationship didn't work out?  What happens when a new lesbian moves to start a relationship with a woman who gets cold feet?  What happens when they get a second chance at love?  This book is set in beautiful Minnesota.

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "Should I Give Love Another Chance":



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The Erotic Wishing Stone by Sue-Anne

Erotica.  Sheila has lusted after KC since she first saw her, but was too shy to do anything about it.  Where do they find this wishing stone?  Does KC's wish come true?  Does Sheila's wish come true?  Where are they transported?  How will they survive--the elements--and each other?  This is not large print, but larger print--14 point.  

Available as Kindle or in book format on  Amazon link to "The Erotic Wishing Stone":


Book Format:



You can also search under Books:  Sue-Anne lesbian.


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