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The Truth About Abortion No One Tells You (The truth. Includes my true testimony and some resources available to you. It's NOT over when it's over...)

by Tina Chambers Smith

It's not over when it's over...  Maybe you just found out you are un-expectantly pregnant. Maybe you are sitting in your doctor's office getting confirmation of what you already know to be the truth. Maybe you are at the abortion clinic waiting for your name to be called. Maybe it was a one-night stand. Maybe you were raped. Maybe you are in a relationship and simply aren't ready to have a baby.

I don't know how you got where you are right now, but I do know how you feel. Dismayed, surprised, angry and mostly scared to death. I also know you want this to be over and erased from the timeline of your life.

No matter what anyone tells you, there is a life inside of you right now. There is the beating heart of a baby. You know it in your own heart.

I have walked in your shoes. The pages that follow are my firsthand account of the abortion process and what you will walk through should you choose abortion.

Whether you choose abortion or not, your life has changed forever and what has been done cannot ever be undone. Your choice at this moment comes down to whether you will choose to allow the baby inside you a chance at life or whether you will kill it. Either way you will have to deal with your choice.

My book also includes some resources available to you.

Read this book before you decide what to do. Remember, I've been there and it's true that it's not over when it's over... link:

Kindle link:

Set Free! My Journey of Healing 

After Abortion 

 by Tina Chambers Smith

I don't think any of us set out to have an abortion because we know it's the right thing to do. There is nothing natural in a woman that is genuinely okay with getting pregnant and then making the choice to end the pregnancy. We were created to be life givers. We believe the lies we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we aren't carrying a real baby. We tell ourselves it is just a blob of cells. We tell ourselves the timing is all wrong. We tell ourselves having an abortion won't affect us after all is said and done. We tell ourselves we can go on with life as if this never happened. What lies have you bought--hook, line and sinker? The truth is, we were carrying a real baby. It wasn't a blob of cells. The timing may have been wrong, but God's timing never is. The abortion will live with you the rest of your life. You can never go on as if this never happened. In the pages of this book, I am sharing with you the pathway I took to healing after my abortion in hopes you'll walk down that path with me. The healing process won't be easy and will be downright gut wrenching at times. Navigating through healing isn’t for the faint of heart. Don't be afraid of the pain. It is in the pain we find true and lasting healing for our souls. Don't be afraid of the buckets of tears; they will wash you clean. And please, don't walk this road by yourself. You don't need to. There are many of us who have walked in your shoes. The book was almost titled: “How God Healed Me; My Journey Through the Healing Process After Abortion”. There is nothing easy about the healing process after having an abortion. The emotions are real and the feelings are strong. As you walk through this healing process, let me encourage you to seek out your local crises pregnancy center. There are women there, many of whom have walked in your shoes, who are waiting to embrace you and walk alongside you as you heal. If you prefer to talk to someone anonymously online, has trained counselors waiting to talk with you either by phone or via online chat. Note from Tina's Publisher: This is a painful healing process. You will shed tears. This book is the result of the positive feedback from others after Tina published her personal story called: "The Truth About Abortion No One Tells You" (This book includes Tina's true testimony and some resources available to you. It's NOT over when it's over...)" This book, "Set Free! My Journey of Healing After Abortion" guides you through how Tina got through the process of healing and grieving years later after she had had her abortion. She is publishing this book to hopefully help others through this process. and Kindle link:

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