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*** Please scroll down until you find the book you are looking for. 

For the Hoarder:  "Hoarder:  I am one!"   (Scroll down page)

Live with a hoarder:  "How to Live with a Hoarder"  (Scroll down page)

Friend and family member of a hoarder who doesn't live with the hoarder:  "Hoarders   Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder"  (Scroll down page)

There's a book for the actual hoarder, one for those living with their hoarder, and one for friends and family of hoarders.  Thank you! ***


Family and Friends Guide to Dealing with their Hoarder

Hoarding book for family and friends of a hoarder.  The way you talk to and treat your loved one or friend, who just happens to be a hoarder, can send them into a hoarding-buying frenzy.  This book is actually written by a hoarder to help you help your loved one in a way that respects your loved one and the things that you hoard.  You do not have to understand your hoarder in order to help them.  Available in regular print, large print, and Kindle with links below.  If you are a family member or a friend of a hoarder or you are a hoarder that needs to send this book to your loved ones and/or friends, this book is for you.

***Note:  Book for the actual hoarder is below this section as well as for the person living with a hoarder.***

Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder

Regular Print Book Edition:

Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder  

Large-Print Book Edition:

Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder 

Kindle Edition


Hoarders:  I am One!  

(Take back control of your life.)

I am a hoarder. Been that way for decades. So, you can’t BS me. I know what it feels like when others nag me. Shame me. Are judgmental of me. I’m more than just a hoarder; that’s just one small part of me. Just like having blue eyes is only one part of me that makes me who I am.  And being a hoarder is just one part of what makes you who you are.

got sick of the way others treated me because I’m a hoarder. So I published, first, a book called:   “Hoarders     Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Your Hoarder”.  If you haven’t bought it for your family or friends, yet, go onto or Kindle and buy it for them. It could change your life—and their lives too!

***Note: If you are not a hoarder, this book is NOT for you. If you read this book, which is not for you, and talk to your hoarder like I do, you could alienate them further and send them into a hoarding-buying frenzy.*** I am talking to them as a fellow hoarder and am NOT disrespecting them or the items that they hoard.

So I wrote this book--for us hoarders. If you’ll allow me, I’ll try to be your coach. I’ll try to be your mentor. Together we can try to help you take back your life by fighting this force against you called hoarding.

Regular Print Book:

Large-Print Book:


How to Live With A Hoarder

Do you live with a hoarder? You may never understand your hoarder. That's okay.  I don't know how a car runs, but I still drive a car. How you talk to your hoarder, your tone of voice, and your actions can actually send your loved one, who just happens to be a hoarder, into a hoarding-buying shopping spree. If that's ever happened to you, stop! Say nothing more about your loved one's hoarding until you read this book !I'm blunt. If you have a thin skin, don't bother to read this book. But, if you really, really, really want to help your hoarder gain back control of your life, then read this book!

Regular Print Edition:


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