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Alzheimer's & Dementia

Book description below front cover picture.

Brocken Brain

Caretaker's Guide to Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

     If you: 

(1) Want to reduce your own risk for developing dementia and/or 

(2) You are a caretaker or know somebody who is a caretaker for somebody with dementia, and/or 

(3)  You work with dementia patients anywhere in the medical field, you need this book.

     "I wish Sue’s book was available when I was struggling with my Mother’s Alzheimer’s; it would have put made it “easier” for us to make sense of what was happening to my Mother. I did not know anything about dementia or Alzheimer's before my Mother was diagnosed. All the signs were there: not being able to describe what she went to the store for, getting lost, and questioning how to do things she did her whole life. I knew something was not right, but did not know what. If you notice change or think it's odd that Mom or Dad doesn't remember, please take them for a checkup and find out what you can do to help them. It is a terrible disease it robs you of your mind, and you are no longer the person you once were and will never be again. She is now my child and I am her protector... " Beth Erickson"

Alzheimer’s and dementia touches almost everybody’s life… It touched my life. My grandmother had dementia. My mother had reversible dementia. This started my journey of researching and attending every conference and class I could to help me personally deal with this. I saw how my mother and brothers struggled as they took care of MaMa, my grandmother. I saw how Annie’s family struggled with it. Beth struggled with it too as she shared her personal testimony. After over 800 pages of research, between 1 ½ - 2 years in the making, and attending many conferences and classes, the result is this book.

     Soon after I started this book-writing journey, I contacted the American Geriatrics Society who gave me permission to list “Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults”. That was huge in my opinion to receive permission to publish their chart in this book. I was humbled by that experience.

     Chapters in the book

Understanding how the brain “breaks”

What it might feel like to have dementia

Myths and Facts

What is Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Types of Dementia

Conditions Masked/Diagnosed as Dementia

(Reversible dementias—worth buying the book for)

Could Your Loved One Have Dementia or Alzheimer’s

If Alzheimer’s is not reversible, why seek


Finding the Right Doctor

Preparing for the Doctor’s Visit

Types of Testing

Dealing with Each Level of Alzheimer’s

Getting Their Affairs in Order

Dementia Risk and Prevention

Resources for Caretakers

Dangerous Medications for Seniors to Take


Other Recommended Books

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Forgotten Love by Sue-Anne

  Do you know any couples where dementia has shaken up their world?  Dementia doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care who you love, how much money you make, your race, or your profession. This is a love story--a unique love story. It's almost like getting two books for the price of one. In the first part of the book we learn about the funny way Rusty and Donna got together. New love. Family. Work. Adjusting to living together. You will smile and possibly laugh with Rusty's antics. You might relate more to Rusty or to Donna. When opposites attract, you never know what will happen. Part II of the book picks up when Rusty and Donna are thinking about retiring, traveling, and volunteering their time to help others. Their life hits a wall when one of them starts showing signs of dementia. This is a thought-provoking love story. If dementia hasn't touched your life, but you know other people who have had dementia touch your lives, this book will help you to be able to relate to them.  For other LGBT books, please click on LGBT.

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