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30 Days of Deliverance Devotional

by Sara Huneycutt

"This amazing 30 Days of Deliverance Devotional will change your life forever. Sara has strategically listened to the voice of God and penned the words from God that’s needed for your heart. Get ready for the best 30 days of your life." Real Talk Kim (Kimberly Jones has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Your World with Creflo Dollar, and ABC's Nightline.) Sara Huneycutt's 30 Day Deliverance Devotional will meet you right where you are on your journey with God. As you read this devotional, God will speak to you to bring forth divine healing and deliverance. Each devotional was crafted through much prayer and Bible study. Sara's first book, "In Surrender I Soar: Poems & Prose of God, Grace, & Gratitude" has all 5-Star ratings on  Please go to the top and click on Christian to read about Sara's popular first book and other Christian books.  

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