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Over 100 ideas to turn your Homecation into an adventure

There are two Homecation books.  This book also has information about COVID-19 and how to keep yourself safe.  This book was published early in the pandemic.  The other book, under "Fun" has more activities and other websites with over 300 more ideas of what you can do. 

***This book can be printed in many languages 

so it can help people all over the world.*** 

Now what?  You are stuck at home for how many days now?  Escape for a little while with "Homecation: ..."  Provides you with over 100 ideas on how you can turn your Homecation into an adventure!  Make your time productive as well as fun!  Offers virtual field trips and virtual vacation destinations.  Offers fun things to do.  Some ideas may even expand your horizon as you try new things--which can be fun!  Also, offers productive things to do while you are stuck at home.  Highly recommended book!!!

The world is in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Part I explains the coronavirus. Part II explains what you can do to keep you safe. Part III lists over 100 ideas of things you can do so you don't lose your mind. 


In order to enjoy the virtual vacations, you need access to the internet.  However, if you don't there's still important health information plus plenty of activities that you can do that do not require the internet.  

To order, go to and in the search line type Homecation Harrington.  


Great ideas to make your Homecation a meaningful and productive adventure!  Plus it's a must read if you want to keep you and your loved ones safe! 

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