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Home & Safety:  Book Description Below Front Cover Picture

​Duane Bishop

30 Tips to Keep Your Home Safer by Duane Bishop. Residential burglaries in this country occur approximately every 15 seconds and most residential burglaries occur during daylight hours. To help to keep you and your family safer in your home, you must not only read this book, you must implement the tips. Burglars are extremely lazy. They will always take the path of least resistance, meaning that if you take NO measures to protect your home, burglars will love you forever. Burglars scope out houses to burglarize constantly. They look for easiest target to fund their habits. Many burglars have drug habits and cannot maintain a job. Therefore, they steal from your home to fund their habit. In this book Duane suggests for you to make your home safer and less likely to be burglarized. Search ISBN number on or click on the link.

  Regular Print: ISBN-13: 978-1543095319  ***Received two 5-star reviews***

  Large Print: ISBN-13: 978-1543146868


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