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Living Legacy

This section is most meaningful for those who have a terminal condition and/or for those that are getting up in years.  I offer you the opportunity to write down whatever you want to which will be put into book form and sent to those that you choose to.  

   How could this apply to you?  Say you are a Mom and have terminal cancer and you have young children.  You could either have a specific book for each child; tailored to them or you could have one book that you leave to each person that you designate.    If you tailor the book to each child, you could share a little bit about your life, tell them how much you love them and are proud of them.  Then you could have chapters for important events in their lives such as birthdays, graduations, college, marriage, their first child, etc. and write them messages while you are still healthy enough to do so.  They would treasure this book.

If you are in your senior years, you could have your life story published.   It could be stories about your life.  It could be words of wisdom.  It's your book; it can have in it what you want it to have in it.

For more information, please Email Sue at

Sue Harrington

Publisher, Author, Speaker


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