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This is the most thoroughly researched book on the market on Amazon Categories and Amazon Subcategories. It is the only Category Handbook/Manual that you’ll need for yourself or your publishing business.

Chapter 1: Why this book is so important to your bottom line.

Chapter 2: What you don’t know can hurt you—or at least lose you book sales. Tips to maximize success.

Chapter 3: Oops! Help! I goofed on my Amazon Category. How do I fix it? 

Chapter 4: How rank are you? Strategies to increase your ranking status.

Chapter 5: Tidbits you need to know about Amazon Categories.

Chapter 6: Strategic Index to Maximize Sales.

Chapter 7: Books you didn’t even know were out there.

Chapter 8: Meet the Author; it could be a life changer!

Whether you are self-published on and/or Kindle or you work at a large publishing house, the standard that everybody uses is BISAC which is the acronym for “Book Industry Standards and Communications”. Because of this standardized system, no matter where you search for a book, you’ll always find it under the same category.   

That’s why this book is so important to not only for those published on Amazon and Kindle, but for anybody who works in the publishing business and/or book-promoting business. 

If you are self-published on, unless you have a best-selling book, you are considered a small businessman/woman. This book is about marketing strategies; how to optimize your book so it’s seen by more people. T he more people that view your book, the more chance they will purchase your book which will increase your book sales and royalties.  

The marketing strategy that this book focuses on is Amazon Categories and Subcategories. Having strong Categories can increase sales and having a weak or incorrect Category can make you wonder why you aren’t selling many books, if any. 

Amazon and/or your Publisher wants you to sell books but delving through their list of Categories and Subcategories can make your head swim and give you a stress headache. There’s so many choices and some of the choices have additional rules that if you ignore, because you just don’t know, then you might wonder why you aren’t getting the Category that you submitted for. 

Note: Even if you have an Agent and a Publisher, you can still learn tips that you can pass on to your Agent and Publisher to help strengthen your current Categories. This book can save you time whether you are thinking about publishing a book or eBook, whether you self-published, whether you have an Agent/Publisher, or whether you actually work in the Publishing Business. 

This book is a sales and marketing tool with the goal to increase buyers to your site. Increased exposure can lead to increased book sales and increased royalties. 

Consider this book as marketing your book on Amazon. 

Book buyers want books with a proven selling record. The more books you sell, it improves both your Amazon ranking by Category and your book rankings on Amazon by Category. 

Successful people know that they work smarter and not harder. This book can help you to work smarter. Working smarter helps you save time and time is money. Because this book can help you save time in selecting the best Categories for your book, you’ll have more time to spend doing what you do best—and that is to write or draw! 

An added bonus to writers is that it can help you to generate ides for your next book.

Introductory discounted book pricing.  

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