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Mysteries:  Book description below front cover.

Janet Siegel

An Unexpected Eye Witness: An intriguing mystery by Janet Siegel. {It's pretty exciting to be in your 80s and publish your first book like Janet did! Could Janet's book find a cult following? Who knows!} It's strange how a person's normal and predictable life can careen to a stop in a moment. Fighting the extreme nasty weather to get home, after work, a woman witnesses a kidnapping. A few days later a body is washed up and she is shocked when the FBI shows up at her work and escorts her off. She is extensively questioned and whisked off to hiding. As Rocco is being hauled off to prison, he threatens that he will kill her when he is released from prison. When Rocco is released, all hell breaks loose. You will not guess what happens when Rocco finds her. Set in NYC in the 1950s. Search ISBN number on or click on link.

  An Unexpected Eye Witness Regular Print: ISBN-13: 978-1511568623


 An Unexpectd Eye Witness Large Print:  

ISBN-13: 978-1514366653



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