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This section is currently under construction.  If you are having difficulty with grief of a beloved pet, please click on "Grief Book" section.

Unscrambles Cat & Dog Theme

Besides being a fun game book, this was also a fundraising book for Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue.

 There are over 50 unscrambles (25 cat breed unscrambles & 26 dog breed unscrambles) Challenge yourself and your friends. Great gift for pet lovers and a unique thank-you gift for your vet.

In the right column are snippets about the cats and dogs on the front cover as well as those cats and dogs that found forever homes. Their stories are included in the unscramble book.

Information about Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR): I strongly encourage you to visit their website:

Meet our stars below:  Front Cover Cats and Dogs and Their Stories

Tulip: Tulip was one of the CARR dogs. Tulip’s new Mom reports that: “Tulip is doing great and seems fully adjusted." First row, 2nd picture.

Goose: Huggable Goose was a CAAR kitten. Goose’s Mom reports: He’s doing really well! He seems to really like his new home and is very attached to me. He sometimes sits on my shoulders and he is a very cuddly and playful kitten.” Goose’s picture is first row, 3rd picture.

Cleo: Meet Cleo, a Beagle, who loves to ride in the car. Cleo’s picture is on the first row, 4th picture.

“The Laughing Dogs”: Chevy is an Alaskan Husky and his favorite place to sleep in in the shower. Taz is a Great Pyrenees and walks backwards on tile floors.” “The Laughing Dog’s” picture is on the second row, 1st picture.

Rue: Rue is a Tuxedo cat who was a shelter animal before being adopted. Rue’s picture is on the second row, 2nd picture.

Jack and Taz: Bonnie got Jack when he was a puppy. “Jack has a tennis ball in his mouth 24/7 waiting for someone to throw it for him.” The big guy on the right is Melissa’s dog, Taz, who Melissa says is “the biggest baby during thunderstorms.” Jack and Taz’s picture the second row, 3rd picture.

Ollie: Ollie is a Tabby cat and Bonnie got him when he was a year old. Ollie’s picture is on the second row, 4th picture. Ollie is regally lying in his bed with his paw hang out.

Sophie J.: Meet Sophie J. who was adopted from the Dallas Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue. She loves bacon, massages, and playing on the floor with her Mom, but hates having her teeth brushed. She wishes all people would adopt and give a second chance to a dog (or cat) so they, too, can become part of a Forever Home. Sophie J’s picture is on the third row, 1st picture.

Spencer: Spencer was also a CAAR cat. His Mom shared that: “He loves exploring the house and likes to act as my shadow.” Spencer’s picture is on the third row, 2nd picture.

Forever Home Happy Ending Stories  (Their fascinating stories are in the book.)

Mr. Big's picture is on the third row, 3rd picture.

Remmy's picture is on the third row, 4th picture. Remmy is a purebred labradoodle.

Miss Daisy: Miss Daisy is on the fourth row, 1st picture.

3 Little Kittens: The 3 Little Kittens are on the fourth row, 2nd picture.

China: China is on the fourth row, 3rd row. China is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  

See photos below.

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash      

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