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Spider Solitaire....

by Sue Harrington

  Don’t be the last person in your school, college, Church Group, Book Club, etc. to learn how to play—and master Spider Solitaire!

 Spider Solitaire is so much fun and easy to learn whether you are 12 or 92!

This book will make it easy-to-learn for you.

 There are actually three difficulty levels: 1 Suit, 2 Suits, and 4 Suits. Although there are strategy tips for 2 Suits and 4 Suits, 1 Suit is so popular that this book mostly about how to play—and master 1 Suit Spider Solitaire.


 Included are:

(1) Basic playing rules.

(2) Terminology so you can "talk the talk".

(3) Explanation of what the screen looks like so you quickly feel confident to play.

(4) Free online places to play Spider Solitaire.

(5) Strategy to increase your winning percentage.

  Within minutes you'll be playing! And, within a short amount of time you can be winning Spider Solitaire!

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Spider Solitaire Sue Harrington



How to Play and Win Forty Thieves Solitaire

by Sue Harrington

Forty Thieves Solitaire is a really fun two-deck solitaire game!

  If you want to win often, read and apply what's in this book.    In this book, you will learn:

   *Online screen identification; making sense of what you see on the screen

  *The basics on how to play Forty Thieves Solitaire

  *Strategies to improve your game

  *Where to play the game—for free.

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How to play Sue Harrington  

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