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13 Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer

"13 Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer

by Tina Chambers Smith

The truth is, people of all ages are at risk for suicide, but among our young people the percentages have increased greatly. Although there are many reasons young people choose suicide as a way of escape from reality, the glorification of it on social media and TV have added to the numbers. May the truth of the words in this book bring life to those who read it and cause the reader to choose life over death understanding that their life has value and worth. Book priced below $4.00 so everybody, who needs it, can afford it. With teen suicide on the rise, and even worse, with it being glorified by the media, I wrote this book with the intention to speak life into those contemplating death. My hope and prayer is by reading the truths of these few pages, you will come to realize that no matter how you entered this world, no matter what others have done to you, and no matter what choices you have made, you are fully and completely loved by a Holy God who created you with a plan and purpose for your life. Before you pull that trigger… Before you take those pills… Before you tighten that rope.... Please read and believe the truths between these pages. Reach out to someone and talk. You are important! There is a great plan for your life! The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is: 1-800-273-8255. They are available to listen and to help you 24/7.  Search for book under ISBN number on or click on link.

  13 Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer  Regular Print.  

ISBN-13: 978-1546920366

    13 Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer Kindle Edition.


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